first thoughts : "Stainless Style"

So, the Neon Neon album has finally come out. Was it worth the wait? Not really.

That's not fair. Some of it is very, very good. 'I Told Her On Alderaan' is some of the hyper pop that Gruff was peddling on "Yr Atal Genhedlaeth" but in English and with more production. 'Raquel' is him fronting "Introspective"-era Pet Shop Boys remixing a-ha, and 'I Lust U' is an at once heartbreakingly gorgeous and hysterical send up of celebrity couples to a fantastically minimal electronic backing. There's some other good stuff here too, but that's all that really sticks out and is up to par with Gruff's day job. [Though 'Dream Cars' could very easilly be an SFA b-side. A weak one, but one nonetheless.]

On the other hand, nothing is really bad though. True, I'll probably be skipping over the rap tracks in future listens, but that's more because they don't really fit on the album than because they're not good. Perhaps if they had left 'Trick For Treat' a stand alone single I'd appreciate it more, but stuck in the middle of the album it's very awkward.

So a bit of a disappointment, but not without it's merits. Not being a huge fan of Boom Bip, I suppose I'm not surprised I feel that way and that my favorite tracks are the Gruff-centric ones.

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