you never never love

So apparently there's a new Pop Levi single out this week. See?

Not as immediate as, say, 'Sugar Assault Me Now' or 'Pick Me Up Uppercut' but it is pretty damn good. New album in June - bring it.

And considering Action was the only place I could find that stocked the single, I'm giving them one last chance. Please don't disappoint.

[And apparently the new Hadouken! single - never really got into them, truth be told - is backed with not only a Kissy Sellout mix but also a Whip remix. So I got that, even though the song is nothing special. See?

Eh. I'm sure one of em will making it worth the 2 pound purchase price. I'll report back in a month when it finally shows up after 4 posts about all of the issues I had getting it. ;) ]

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