not my pick for a second single, but...

Just in my inbox:
Hot Chip return next month with their new single 'One Pure Thought'. You'll be able to download the various remixes and b-sides from May 11th, and then find it instore from May 12th.

If you can't wait that long, head over to Recordstore now and pick up both 7"s and the CD in a collectors box AND get an exclusive download of the original demo version of the single at a really great price!

Tracklistings for all physical formats are:

1. One Pure Thought
2. We're Looking For A Lot Of Love (Christmas Recording)
3. Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip V.I.P. Mix)
4. One Pure Thought (Dominik Eulberg Edit)
5. One Pure Thought (video)

7" coloured vinyl (part 1)
1. One Pure Thought
2. Slow Death

7" coloured vinyl (part 2)
1. One Pure Thought (Toddla T Remix)
2. Wrestlers (Sticky Dirty Pop Mix)

I would've gone with 'Bendable Poseable' or 'Out At The Pictures' myself, but no one consults me on these things.

That said, I love consistency with formatting, and Hot Chip have demonstrated themselves as the kings in that regard. Even better, this time one of the 7"s isn't totally redundant as they both have exclusive tracks. Huzzah! AND they're doing another nice box via Recordstore.co.uk like they did for 'Ready For The Floor'. They're gonna look really nice on the shelf next to each other. And all of this for a mere 3 pounds? Amazing!

My only complaint is that the downloads aren't available to us in the States. Which seems a bit silly in this day and age - especially since this time it seems to be exclusive. [The extended version of 'Ready For The Floor' that came as a download with that single was from a 12" promo.] Shame on you.

B-side wise, I'm very excited to hear the Sticky Dirty Pop mix of 'Wrestlers', and I don't think one can ever have too much 'Ready For The Floor'. Bring it!

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