I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing...

...but 'Wanderlust' - the last of the three amazing "Volta" tracks to get a single release - was, erm, released on iTunes yesterday. While I'm generally against digital releases - especially in the place of a physical release, although I suppose you could buy one of those fucking box sets but I can't really say that's a good idea either - this one I will recommend. For two reasons.

First, the remixes this time around are actually really, really good. For 'Earth Intruders' we got that Spank Rock remix that I'd rather not talk about. 'Declare Independence' is shit anyways and the remixes didn't really dress it up any better - especially the sub-3 minute Ghostdigital remix. What was that about? 'Innocence' was quite good now that I think of it, but none of them really bettered the original so they were a bit pointless. [Though the Ghostdigital one that time was much better as it gave us some Einar rambling once again - huzzah!] Both Matthew Herbert and Ratatat take 'Wanderlust' to interesting places and, while perhaps not up to the quality level of the "Post"-era remixes, are reminiscent of 90's Bjork remixes.

Second, the whole deal is $1.99. That's how you price digital releases. So kudos to whoever did that, considering they're charging $1.99 for the video alone and you get it as part of the package.

I'd recommend it thirdly for the video as supposedly it's amazing, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. So maybe I should do that.

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Joseph said...

I have downloaded all for of these singles from eMusic for a sum total of about $3.50. I just can't be bothered to obsessively collect her anymore, and I can't bear the price of it anyway. I think these downloads will suit me just fine. I wonder if iTunes is offering different tracks? I guess I should check that out.