everything Richard X touches turns to gold

The internet has been abuzz for weeks - months, perhaps - about how amazing the new Richard X-produced Saint Etienne single 'Method of Modern Love' is....based on the little snippets here and there the band have been teasing us with.

Now, I'll say that I'm not the biggest Saint Etienne fan - though I certainly know many people that are, and lived with a Saint Etienne hardcore for a while - so I was a bit skeptical. I was more intrigued by the Richard X part - seriously, show me something he's done that isn't AMAZING. You can't.

Anyways, the full track has finally reared it's head and it is, as everyone was saying, FUCKING AMAZING. It's not too widespread yet, but if you look you can find it.

Like here:

8/1: Saint Etienne - Method Of Modern Love

Gold, I say.

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