my wallet cries on March 24th

March 24th is sure shaping up to be a busy release day. As previously mentioned, the new KMFDM album comes out - which I still am curious about. DVD-wise, the long delayed first season of "In Treatment" is penciled-in to finally come out that day, as is the also long-missing-on-DVD "Andy Richter Controls The Universe". [Talk about two shows on opposite ends of the spectrum...]

Today, of course, Capitol announced March 24th as the release date for expanded versions of the first three - and, really, the only three that matter - Radiohead albums. Spread over 2 CDs and one DVD for each of the albums, there's a lot of extra material - though probably not a lot of material you don't already have on something else - and I'm still a sucker for '93-'97 Radiohead as much as I like to think I'm not anymore, so I'm probably there. [I'll clarify that - I'm definitely on board for "Pablo Honey" as I never bothered/could afford to track down most of those singles on CD...it's worth it for "Drill" alone, certainly. "The Bends" I'm torn on as it doesn't have the one "Bends"-era track I most covet in a crisp clean CD version - 'Planet Telex [Trashed]' - and I've got all those singles so I'd be buying a few radio sessions and a cut up version of the Astoria show so we'll see. I never got around to getting Live at the Astoria on DVD, so it could be OK. Ditto for "OK Computer", but for some reason those radio sessions don't excite me as much despite me not having any live "OK Computer"-era on CD. Hrm.]

I'm sure I'll cave and get them all, but I like to complain so there you have it.

Oh, today they also annouced the title of the new Depeche Mode album to be "Sounds of the Universe". LAME.

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