oh, right: orange juice won't stain

In everything that was going on, I totally forgot to post my mix for this year. Well, here goes - although it's already out there so most of you already have it.

orange juice won't stain
a freemonster 2008 mix

01 rem - living well is the best revenge - from the "accelerate" lp
02 the b-52's - pump - from the "funplex" lp
03 hot chip - ready for the floor - single from the "made in the dark" lp
04 kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat - single from the "off with their heads" lp
05 nick cave & the bad seeds - dig, lazarus, dig!!! - single from the lp of the same name
06 operator please - get what you want - single from the "yes yes vindictive" lp
07 the kills - getting down - from the "midnight boom" lp
08 van she - changes - single from the "v" lp
09 ladyhawke - my delirium - single from the self-titled lp
10 annie - i know ur girlfriend hates me - single from the aborted "don't stop" lp
11 alphabeat - boyfriend - single of the year from the "this is alphabeat" lp
12 lorraine - beyond the sky - b-side to the "when i return to the world" 7"
13 parralox - we believe in electric love - from the "electricity" lp
14 neon neon - i told her on alderaan [richard x andress mix] - promo only remix of the single from the "stainless style" lp
15 pop levi - dita dimone - single from the "never never love" lp
16 these new puritans - infinity ytinifni - from the "beat pyramid" lp
17 duels - regeneration - single from "the barbarians move in" lp
18 the whip - blackout [graham massey remix] - remix of the single from the "x marks destination" lp
19 the breeders - we're gonna rise - single from the "mountain battles" lp
20 alphabeat - boyfriend [alex metric remix] - yes i cheated by including the same song twice promo only super fucking amazing remix of the single of the year from the "this is alphabeat" lp

Tada. 2008 can go to bed now...14 days late.

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