they say I'm on top of my game

Two things.

One - I will never, ever get tired of looking at Guy Garvey. Look at him. Just LOOK AT HIM. *swoon*

Two - I tuned in late to the BBC broadcast of "The Seldom Seen Kid" live with the BBC Concert Orchestra - stupid work - but ho-ly shit is this amazing. I caught the tail end of 'Weather To Fly' - beautiful, of course - and 'The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver' just finished. When the song explodes during the "send up a prayer in my name" line with a harp and full orchestra and a FULL FUCKING CHOIR, it is the most incredible thing in the whole world. And this is all on a shitty real audio stream - it's going to sound fucking massive in high quality. I cannot wait to hear 'Some Riot'.

How can one band be so fucking good?

ps - 'Some Riot' was ridiculously good. Hooray!

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