a happy coincidence

The always wonderful Bishop Allen announced a late winter/early spring US tour in support/anticipation of their forthcoming third album, possibly called "Grrr..." - which is a fantastic title, by the way, and one they should definitely keep. Unsurprisingly, the tour does not include a stop in Rochester...or Buffalo, for that matter. Back in the "Charm School" days they used to play here or there, but they haven't in a good five years. [Has it really been five years since I last saw Bishop Allen? Possibly...wow.]


They will, however, be in Chicago on March 31. Conveniently, I will also be in Chicago on March 31st as I will be visiting my brother who lives there. It's a date! :)

The fantastic 'Click Click Click Click' from their second album "Bishop Allen & The Broken String" - which you also might recognize from a camera commercial a few years ago, though I forget which one:

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