last.fm vs subliminal messages

The strangest thing happened the other day...

I was going along, minding my own, when all of a sudden I had the strangest, strongest urge to listen to Elastica. Nothing against Elastica, but I never really cared either way for them back in the day, but for whatever reason I had. to. listen. to. them. now.

Of course, I didn't actually own a copy of the album so first I had to run out and secure myself a copy - I was reasonably certain I could find a used copy without too much difficulty and was proven correct by a stop to the Record Archive - and the itch was scratched. I was also picking up my friend Bryan for lunch at the time, so I prepared him for the blast from the past going on in the car and he laughed at me.

Then I realized I had this urge to listen to Elastica because last.fm has been recommending them to me on the front page for weeks due to the large amounts of Blur, Pulp and Suede I've been listening to lately. So there you have it, it worked.

And as you can see, I've a newfound appreciation for 'Stutter' than I didn't have before. Well played.

It is pretty great, isn't it? The album could use some trimming, but those two minutes are perfect.

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